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Locations & Dates ~ Massage & Bodywork

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Locations & Dates ~ Massage & Bodywork

  • Julie Gammon Healing Arts Maine

Namaste friends!
Here's what I currently have available to schedule your Eastern Integrative Bodywork (Thai/futon) or Western Integrative Massage (table) sessions. If I am working with you on a regular basis I recommend alternating them. They compliment each other very well, each style having its own strengths: Integrative Eastern Massage (thai) for the deep hip/leg work and mobility focus, and Integrative Western Massage (table) for the finesse and fine tuning of the neck/shoulders/back work and the soothing touch.  

Both styles will fully address challenging areas, the whole body as a functioning unit, and calm the central nervous system. In this way we can most effectively work on your pain pattern/holding pattern. Your off-balance hips will be not only affecting how your knees track, your ankles, & your feet, but also how your shoulders have to counter balance and compensate, and how your neck is trying to reposition the head. It's always a whole body involvement. If you only work on one specific area, the cellular memory more quickly returns to the pain pattern. The body and central nervous system must all be worked and relaxed together to overcome the dysfunction more efficiently. 
This is why all massage sessions with me, Eastern or Western style, are 2 hours, $120 (pregnancy massage and minors are usually around 90 minutes).

Lewiston, ME ~ every Sunday & Thursday
Schedule online here

  • other days in Lewiston may be available by request

Brunswick, ME ~ every Tuesday
Contact me

  • Tues June 27th Thai bodywork: 3pm
  • Tues July 4th table or Thai massage: 11am, 2:30pm, 5pm
  • Tues July 11th Thai bodywork: 11am, 2:30pm

Dresden, ME
Contact Deb Burk, 592-8589

  • Saturday July 1 table (full)
  • Saturday July 29th Thai bodywork

Andover, ME, Moondance goat farm
Contact Laurie Bailey, 357-8909

  • Wed July 5th
  • Thurs July 6th
  • Wed July 26th
  • Thurs July 27th

Mexico, ME
Contact me

  • Wed July 12th: Your choice of Thai or table: 11am, 2pm, 4:30
  • Wed Aug 9th: Your choice of Thai or table: 11am, 2pm, 4:30

Buckfield, ME, Healing Spirit horse farm
Contact Stacey Scotia 336-3864 to rsvp

  • Wednesday June 28: 12:30, 3pm
  • Saturday July 8: 12:30, 3pm
  • Wednesday July 19: 12:30, 3pm
  • Saturday Aug 12: 12:30, 3pm
  • Wednesday Aug 23: 12:30, 3pm
  • Saturday Sept 9: 12:30, 3pm
  • Saturday Sept 30: 12:30, 3pm

Chebeague Island, ME, 
Contact Pam Curran 333-9188

  • Dates to follow


I want to thank you again for my Western Integrative Massage yesterday- my back feels SO MUCH better after experiencing relentless pain for the past 3 months (which DO and Chiro didn't help). I deeply appreciate your fabulous attention and amazing skill. You are truly an amazing bodyworker and healer.

I just received the best Thai session work EVER. I so needed some healing, and I'm so grateful for a real healer. I'm an energy healer and a traditional Thai Bodywork Therapist. I'm very careful of whom I let touch my body and energy field. Julie Gammon, I know was trained in Thailand. But what makes her so special is her intuitive knowledge and gift of PRESENCE in every movement. She made me feel like there was nothing else in the world except her hands. Thank you. I needed to share this light.

Julie is amazing. I studied Thai bodywork in school but it wasn't until I had a session w/ this beauty that I really felt what Thai does for the body. It's like 10 yoga classes in one session. You feel so open. Each part of the body is lengthened and released. My partner has healed deep injuries throughout his hips and quads through Julie’s Thai bodywork which have been stagnant for years. Such a lovely spirit- enjoy! 

Had an amazing Thai session from Miss Julie Gammon last night! You have to, have to, have to go see her too. Your body will love you for it. Thai bodywork is clothes on, with her stretching, pushing, pulling, opening up places in your muscles, ligaments, and tissue that have been locked up for wayyyy too long. I feel a sense of Freedom today, an openness and freshness within that I forgot I could even feel.
Thank you once again Julie! You are an amazingly gifted woman.