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Sacred Henna

Sacred Henna

Let's work together to make a sacred henna tattoo to honor the divine within you, or some aspect of yourself you would like to strengthen.

Henna stain tattoos are a beautiful ancient art to honor the goddess within you! The leaves and twigs of the henna bush are ground into a powder which I then mix with lemon juice and sugar, with or without pure lavender essential oil (which helps darken the stain). The paste is applied to the skin and left on for 2-12 hours for optimal stain transfer. Once the paste is removed you are left with a gorgeous stained design that will darken within 36 hours and last 1-2 weeks on average (many things factor into the darkness & length of the stain - the area chosen, your skin type, job, habits, products used, etc).

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a henna party or having your henna session at your location

Private henna sessions:
30 min - $40
1 hr - $70
1.5 hr - $90
2 hr - $120