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The Squeeze and the Surrender

Julie Gammon


I have been able to manifest some pretty incredible things in my life from time to time. Sometimes this is just by being in the right place at the right time, but this requires putting yourself out there and interacting with life rather than retreating. This also requires paying attention to small signs, how you feel about opportunities, and remaining open to possibilities. If you have rigid beliefs about what can be and what can't be then you miss so many openings for abundance and connection. Sometimes the fear we retreat from is an indicator that an opportunity for personal growth is at hand. It requires a bit of courage, an adventurous spirit, and faith in yourself. Sometimes the fear is a very real signal to pay attention and be cautious, but more often than not it is  a fear rooted in conditioning and poor self esteem. I have been both held back by fear and lack of self worth at many points on my life yet at other times allowed myself to be propelled into the most incredible adventures because I listened to that inner voice that said taking the chance would be worth the discomfort. It takes practice, and self care, and diligent attention to the Self. That inner voice is the most important ally you have. The magic often happens outside of your comfort've all seen the memes. It's true! Life is not static, and when we attempt a safe, comfortable routine then we are attempting to thwart the magnificent flow of life, the ebb and flow of creation. It feels stagnant and stale, and we start seeking other means of gratification. 

I have also noticed that the most incredible manifestations come following the darkest times. I call this the squeeze. Sometimes it feels like being put through the ringer, being tested, having your back up against the wall and is VERY uncomfortable. It becomes challenging to remain positive, to hold faith that all will be OK. What is that saying...'it's always darkest before dawn'? I lately have been examining in myself how I seem to require these very intense squeezes, extreme discomfort, to surrender to the divine abundance that is there for all of us, all the time. It requires a darkness, a breaking, a surrender, to allow the opening required for bringing in the new, amazing things that I desire to manifest. My work, my focus, for my meditations will be to examine how I can surrender and remain open to the abundance, and love, without requiring the 'squeeze'. 

Love this Life,