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Massage & Bodywork

I offer two styles of Massage: Eastern Integrative Bodywork (Thai Yoga Bodywork) or Western Integrative Massage (table) sessions. I recommend alternating them as they compliment each other very well, each style having its own strengths:  Eastern Integrative Bodywork for the deeper hip/leg work and all-over mobility, and Western Integrative Massage for the greater finesse of neck/shoulders/back work and the soothing touch. 

Massage & Bodywork

I offer two styles of Massage: Eastern Integrative Bodywork (Thai/futon) or Western Integrative Massage (table) sessions. If I am working with you on a regular basis I recommend alternating them. They compliment each other very well, each style having its own strengths:  Eastern Integrative Bodywork for the deeper hip/leg work and all-over mobility, and Western Integrative Massage for the greater finesse of neck/shoulders/back work and the soothing touch.  
Both styles will fully address challenging areas, the whole body as a functioning unit, and calm the central nervous system. In this way we can most effectively work on your pain pattern/holding pattern. Your off-balance hips will not only be affecting how your knees track, your ankles, & your feet, but also how your shoulders have to counter balance and compensate, and how your neck is trying to reposition the head. It's always a whole body involvement. If you only work on one specific area, the cellular memory more quickly returns to the pain pattern. The body and central nervous system must all be worked and relaxed together to overcome the dysfunction more efficiently. 

This is why I work exclusively with a 2 hour session minimum unless there is a very specific reason (prenatal massage and children do not need 2 hrs). Traditional Thai Bodywork sessions are 2.5-3 hours. This is deep work (energetically, physically, emotionally, spiritually) and once I begin I will usually uncover blockages and trouble areas you were not aware of, it is very rare that 90 min is enough time.

2 hr session — $120

To book a session at one of various hosted locations
(Yarmouth, Andover, Mexico, Dresden):

To book a session in Lewiston, ME, Saturdays & Sundays:

For your session:

Do not wear perfume or cologne, I have chemical sensitivities.
Please let me know if you are allergic to cats, high quality incense, or essential oils and I will take extra precautions for your session.
If you have a serious/specific condition that may require special protocol please let me know ahead of time (you will fill out a standard pre-treatment form at the session for everything else).
Do not eat or caffeinate for 2 hours prior to our session.

Eastern Integrative Bodywork (Thai/futon) is performed fully clothed on a futon mat, please wear stretchy comfortable clothing suitable for yoga movement: yoga pants, sweatpants or athletic pants and a t-shirt. No shorts please.

Western Integrative Massage (table) is performed on a massage table, the client disrobes to their comfort level and is expertly draped with massage sheets.

The 10 hour package can be a mixture of thai yoga bodywork, integrative table massage, private one-on-one stress reduction, self care guidance, and/or yoga instruction, completely tailored to YOUR needs.

10 hours — $500 ($600 value)